Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Travel India 1/8/09

Dear All,
I have arrived in London and am waiting for my Bici so that we may leave for Mumbai. Packing was not so enjoyable though it is an interesting test of materiality- what do I really NEED? No matter Bici and I will soon find out.

I can't help but begin to get tickles of excitement now that I have landed in the first among many stepping off points. London seems particularly appropriate as the first point of our trip.


Dear All,

May you all have happiness and the causes of happiness. Be free from suffering and its causes. Abide in happiness free from suffering, and remain peaceful free from attachment and aversion.

London was cold. But now Bici and I are reunited and are in Mumbai and the weather is good. We had our first tahli meal and I had a dosa for dinner ( a personal favourite). We walked all over last night beginning by going to the Gateway to India. The Taj looks magnificent at night all lit up with people hangin about in the public space between it and the Gate. Many windows there are boarded up and it looks like they are working through the night and fix. There is security at our hotel but it is not at all harsh or intrusive.

Today Bici and I will be going to the Prince of Wales Museum for the morning and then I hope to eat another dosa (mmm mmm mmm, yummm yummm yummm!) and then we need to go do a little shopping for B who has intelligently brought next to no cloths so that she may buy all appropriate gear for the the climate and culture here (as usual men get off easy wearing a buttoned down and slacks).

The both of us are very much still settling in at the very beginning of a five month trip and excitements, anticipations, unknowns, and general confusion / jet lag / and awe, all mixed together work themselves out.

While that happens I am very very very excited to go to the Museum this morning!

With love and happiness,


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