Sunday, January 4, 2009

Before we leave...

I just finished setting up this blog for all those interested in following David and myself through the next 5/6 months. We will be posting pictures and thoughts about our travels in South India as often as we get a chance to.

Right now David is on his way to London: his plane left Chicago just a few minutes ago. I am leaving tomorrow to meet him in London, and we will leave for Mumbai at 9pm on the 6th.

Please feel free to leave us comments with thoughts/ideas/advice as we move along in our travels.



  1. oooo! post pictures Bici! Hope you're doing well these days.
    much love,

  2. Hello! I'm so happy I stumbled on your blog.. 3 friends and I are going to India for 1 month. I know it's not going to be enough time. Anyway you'd give me tonkens of your wisdom and places to ABSOLUTELY make sure we hit? THANK YOU!